Furnace Maintenance

Furnace Maintenance


In the long run, consistent heating repair can prevent issues along with save owners dollars. Ever essential a critical furnace maintenance, nevertheless had to put it off. Having your heating system serviced by the reputable heating specialists before the start of the cold weather can reduce your utility bill. Some sort of tune-up can save you from the distress and expense of repairing heating system. More importantly the safety of your family to take into consideration. Frequent furnace maintenance is the most efficient method of preventing heating complications. It’s easy on the finances and provides comfort when you need it. Chicago Heating Cooling is proud to perform assistance on your home or business heating systems, and provide you using helpful tips on how you can look after your furnace at home



Heating Furnace Maintenance Tips


Observe – The first step to noticing any issues. This may involve in an inefficient unit and potentially high energy bills.

Proper Cleaning – Filter and blower commonly accumulate dirts to be cleaned. Wire connections must be detached during cleaning.

Check Wirings -Electrical parts should be examined frequently. You don’t want to have to deal with one the  breaking down on a cold winter night!

Change Filter – An important part of heating maintenance is changing central filters. During periods of major furnace use, they should be changed every month.

Check for Leaks – If you notice a soot-like substance on or around typically the furnace area, it is a indicator of gas build up. Also a rotten egg aroma or hissing sounds from the fittings are all indications of any gas leak.

See Gas Valve – A properly functioning gas valve is important for efficiency and safety. We examine your unit’s fuel operation to keep the right amount of pressure delivered to the furnace.


Some signs that may hint to a furnace problem would be if your heating unit is coming on and going off too frequently, the blower is constantly on, or your residence is not heating up to the temperature that it should be. We ensure your furnace is always operating at its’ full potential. Our technicians can provide thorough tune-ups for your air conditioning and furnace. Contact Us Now!



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