Ductless Split AC Systems

Ductless Split AC Systems

Those boxy window-mounted air conditioning units might be the old standby, but they can leave much to be desired. They’re often noisy, unwieldy, and heavy, and they basically co-opt a window for months out of the year. Ductless split AC systems are a definite step up from the standard central air unit. They both have outside condensing units and copper tubing running inside. It is efficient and inexpensive way to heat and or cool a room that has limited access to a current duct system.

At Chicago Heating Cooling, we provide quality air conditioning services. A ductless air conditioning system is an effective means of keeping your home or place of business cool. All our units are made with the highest standard possible. Our heavy duty line sets are made of solid copper insulated to provide the highest quality possible.


Advantages of Ductless Split AC Systems

  • Save Energy – Ductless ACs have high energy efficiency as they make use of smaller components that take in less electrical power compared to usual ACs. They also drop less energy because they rarely suffer from heat gain.  High efficiency systems are much cheaper to run.
  • Safety – When a core air conditioner malfunctions, the entire construction is affected, and the inside temperature will remain uncomfortable before the unit is repaired. Inside areas where summer heat will be extreme, this can create health threats for the elderly and small kids. Since ductless systems usually employ multiple condensing products in different zones, people can easily move to the areas of the home that are still air conditioned.
  • Minimal space – Any ductless system is idea for any home construction or renovation,  an individual won’t have to worry about planning close to space-eating ductwork! Ductless ACs are also a good idea for addition rooms if you want.
  • Quiet – Ductless splits are much more tranquil than common air conditioners. The particular compressor is outside the house and the unit can be established in operate on low speed for that quietest possible.

Chicago Heating Cooling provides quality Ductless Split AC Systems and solutions, based on our customers need. Along with giving first-rate service, all of us in addition strive to keep our own selling prices fair by using our practical experience and human relationships with makers to create an efficient process. We are committed to providing the best customer support as possible. We make sure to do the job right and give you the best ductless air conditioning solutions for your home. Contact Us Now!


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